Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design to Preserve Our Environment

RDT Construction Inc. is a group of trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the clients are totally satisfied with the world-class workmanship and on-time completion of the construction projects. We are well aware of the fact that the building construction works leave some bad impact on our ecological system.

Our experienced architects and designers make the best use of those materials and systems, which require minimal water and energy, and create the least waste. We also strive to come up with a sustainable construction design that requires minimal architectural maintenance.

The fundamental objective of our sustainable development is to protect our environment and natural resources, which are much essential for human life.

Prefabricated Materials Being Used in a Controlled Environment

We believe that building as much of a structure in a skillful and well-ordered way as possible ensures better quality and ends in producing less garbage. And this is the reason we keep enhancing our tools and techniques to meet our clients’ requirements, maintaining our world-class standards. Our experts believe in innovation and quality to meet our clients’ needs in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Prefabricated materials are constructed in a controlled environment, following specific standards. They offer safety to the construction site, ensuring reduced disruption. As well as, the materials are a great inexpensive option for all types of construction works.

We are ably experienced to bring a sustainable construction design without compromising on our excellence.

We are proud of what we make every effort to reduce waste during the construction process. The sense of achieving our goals gives us pleasure and inspires to bring in more innovative techniques to take the company to the next level.

We take pride in serving many satisfied clients throughout Texas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. We are committed to providing what we promise. Therefore, our various stakeholders are confident and rely on RDT Construction Inc. for sustainable and ceaseless growth in years to come.

Our success is scripted by our experienced and committed professionals who keep evolving their skills, techniques, and tools to meet their goals. They are trained professionals bound by the highest standards of ethics, honesty and mutual respect for the clients.

Interior Design

Interior Design Services

RDT Construction Inc. is by far a leading Commercial and Residential Construction Company, based in Texas. We are dedicated to creating custom interior designs for both residential and commercial setup. Our interior designs are personalized to each client to meet their unique aesthetic requirements. We take pride in serving several residential and commercial clients with distinct designs that cater to individuals’ styling tastes and preferences.

Our experienced professionals are trained to offer a range of meticulous services to help you with your next interior designing project. Right from the design consultation, to space planning, commercial and residential interior design, we are ready to create an exceptional space that blends with your styling tastes and aesthetics needs.

Commercial Interior Design

Our skilled professionals leverage their skills and advanced tools to create a layout and visual presentation to ensure whether the client needs any upgrade or change. We listen to our commercial clients patiently to understand their needs. Our design starts unfolding as we meet with our clients. We collaborate with them to get a flawless direction of all design details.

We specialize in understanding the aesthetic importance of furniture and lighting products—we are professionally accomplished to create unique designs for our esteemed clients.

Residential Interior Design

At RDT Construction Inc., we love aesthetic details. Our experience and expertise let us be responsive and innovative in residential interior design services. The exceptional design for every residential project is crafted when we create a close partnership with our clients. It helps us comprehend our clients’ passion for innovative design. It helps us create a one-of-a-kind space that reflects the clients’ aesthetic preferences.

Once we identify our clients’ requirements and styling desires, we come up with a final floor plan, paying attention to details, workflow and aesthetic appeal. Well-versed with several aesthetic styles and facets of both traditional and contemporary interior design, we strongly believe that an interior design should reveal in the architectural details and more notably, it should reflect the people living in the house.

RDT Construction Inc. a leading Commercial and Residential Construction Company with a team of experienced professionals who specialize in crafting ceaseless interior design for commercial and residential projects. We go all-out to create a space that creates a balance between beauty and purpose.

Due Diligence

RDT Construction Inc. is a group of experienced professionals who work tirelessly to deliver superior products always. We have a dedicated team that performs pre-construction due diligence to identify the potential risk. It helps us assess all the factors involved in a construction project, before the construction works starts. Our experts help the clients with a detailed analysis of everything that they need to know about the potential risks involved.

Our extensive experience in residential and commercial construction projects provides our clients with a broad viewpoint that they can use to choose the best project as per their requirements.

Our dedicated team helps our esteemed clients with the following services:

  • Project performance review
  • Inherent risk and safety in the construction process
  • Identifying and mitigating other issues
  • Reviewing the site conditions

Whether you are looking for guided services for a commercial or a residential development project, our experts are well trained to ensure safety to your investment. Our dues diligent safeguard measures alleviate inherent risks.

Due Diligence During the Ongoing Development Projects:

Due diligence activity is a legal obligation. It is our responsibility to keep monitoring the ongoing construction projects to ensure the safety measures are being implemented properly. Our due diligence process combines of many things. We keep upgrading our tools and techniques to minimize the inherent risk. Our team puts a proven hazard management technique in place to make sure the safety measures at the workplace. We believe that there must be a robust mechanism in place for recognizing, monitoring, and implementing workplace health and safety practices.

While hiring new employees for our construction projects, RDT Construction Inc. uses an observant process to make sure the new employees have the skills, experiences, and qualification they claim. We build a team that leverages on decades of diverse experiences in the Construction field to deliver a superior product with all the safety measures required during the construction process.

At RDT Construction Inc., we are known for excellence in a diverse range of markets. Our extensive experience in each and every realm is driven by the breadth and depth of our qualified teams, all who take pride in doing the best possible job for our clients throughout Texas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.

Site Evaluation

No matter if you are planning a residential or commercial development project, it is necessary to ensure the location is appropriate for you. RDT Construction Inc. has a dedicated team to evaluate the location before the construction project begins. We evaluate the location to check whether it holds everything that makes a property worth owning. Site evaluation is a team effort that covers a number of factors to determine whether the project meets all the guiding principles. This can be termed as the groundwork of any successful construction project. It is very easy to assess the architectural features, floor plans, and other factors while planning a residential or commercial construction project. But what is more necessary is to conduct a thorough site evaluation to check if it is suitable for you.

We at RDT Construction Inc. have a team of dedicated professionals who conduct a thorough evaluation covering all the important factors during the pre-construction phase. We make sure nothing goes unnoticed during our evaluation process.

Zoning & Regulations

State and local agencies set some regulations for the land use—they are used to identify whether the land is appropriate for commercial or residential use. While the land may be categorized for a specific use, a number of evaluating procedures still need to be conducted. We check whether the land has any environment issue or the land supports the construction works what you want.

RDT Construction Inc. is a privately held leading commercial and residential construction company based in Texas. Our extensive experiences in developing commercial and residential construction development projects allow us to deliver excellent workmanship and quality products. We keenly go all-out to create a real value for our esteemed clients and partners alike. Our strategy and business approach reflect our professional values and mission that we always strive to attain.