Sustainable Design

A property with sustainable design substantially reduces the negative impact on the environment. It also improves the performance of the property. It comprises of emphasis on eco-friendly design, suitable waste management arrangements, elimination of toxic substances, abridged usage of non-renewable resources, and creating a healthy living environment. With optimal space utilization, sustainable building designs are executed that returns many-fold benefits to all its stakeholders. If you are looking for a reliable firm that could make your property-related dreams come true then you have landed on the right page!

We, RDT Construction Inc., are engaged in providing efficient construction services to our patrons at affordable rates. Our consultancy services emphasize increased sustainability of your residential & commercial projects. We take care of all of our client’s concerns and strive hard to offer them highly efficacious services at competitive rates. Our team consists of experienced professionals that ensure careful blending of sustainable design elements with other construction objectives. Over the years, we have fervently served our customers with high order professional ethics & eternal dedication.

With us, make your vision a beautiful reality!

RDT Construction Inc. is specialized in designing projects, following up with construction & environmental norms, designing blueprints, permitting, and inspecting. Our comprehensive consultancy services facilitated with client inputs ensure the fulfillment of our clients’ developmental desires.

Why rely on RDT Construction Inc.?

  • Extraordinary quality
  • High accuracy & feasibility
  • On-time delivery
  • High flexibility to achieve customer satisfaction

With a vision to become a global leader in delivering high-pack engineering & construction solutions, our team makes serious efforts to deliver the best to our customers. Our mission is to provide quality services upholding the highest standard of professional ethics & timeliness. So, if you are ready to join hands with us and want to enjoy the benefits of proficient construction services, and then contact us today.

Interior Design

Interior designing is a domain that consists of enhancing, highlighting, & showcasing the beauty of commercial or residential property through noble artistic and decorative ideas. It is a sundry set of décor activities that astonishingly enhances the appearance of living space. The usage of colors, artifacts, textiles, apparel, light, etc. requires careful blending with the surrounding space to make it look tempting. Interior designing is so effective that it unpredictably enriches the aesthetic values of a property and provides an eye-pleasing environment to be in. Interior designing is highly reliant on the artistic sense & workmanship of a person practicing it, and hence it becomes certain to consult a professional hand to embellish the interiors of your property. We, as a team, are dedicated to transforming our clients’ virtual ideas & desires into a sophisticated reality.

RDT Construction Inc.-A name you can always trust!

Our team consists of versatile interiors designers whose adroit décor idea and innovative work methodologies never fail to inspire the human mind. Our team visualizes contemporary décor ideas as per your needs, reckon them, and execute them to fulfill your desires. We make every possible effort to make your living space look marvelous through innovative, sustainable, and upright artistic modifications.

Who are we?

RDT Construction Inc. was envisioned to become a globally acclaimed construction company that offers inclusive consultancy services at affordable services. Our mission is to provide efficient services with assured quality standards. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance, & hence our versatile professionals strive hard to accomplish the assigned task within the prescribed time frame. Our business strategy exemplifies our core values and course of action. Being a growth-oriented organization, we progressively engage with like-minds of the industry.

We are providing result-oriented interior designer services for commercial & residential properties. Call us today to see colorful artistic magic.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is the key factor our experienced professionals take care of while working on a residential or commercial project. This is an important subsection of our pre-construction execution process. With the latest techniques and technologies, our structural engineering procedure helps us to ensure that the physical structure would be able to uphold integrity and to bear the loads and forces it encounters. Our experienced structural engineers focus on the construction projects for both residential and commercial.

A structural engineer is usually needed whenever:

  • The existing structure requires some structural renovations
  • A new construction project is being carried out

Our dedicated structural engineers focus on the design and the physical integrity to make sure that they are durable and safe for a long period. We keep evolving our techniques and approach with the latest technologies, incorporating the tools that help our engineers to do their several roles. They provide all the essential technical details for the constructional activities to be performed for residential and commercial projects.

We gather talents in our team to deliver a superior result. Our expertise in the field of construction works is driven by the breadth and depth of our qualified teams, all who take pride in doing the best possible job for our clients throughout Texas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.

Our experienced structural engineers are expert at analyzing every structural element using high-end techniques and tools for a thorough analysis. We always manage and motivate teams, balancing and making the most of an often diverse set of skills available to them as we create an ideal atmosphere for inspiration and innovation.

We aim at proving quality product with timely best services in a very professional manner. And this is the reason why we always go all out to meet our clients’ expectations.


An architect has to play an important role during the design and construction process. Our architectural services take in two interconnected but different tasks: the planning and designing of structures, and the supervision of construction contracts in the best interests of clients.

Designing and planning are integral to any construction project, adding in more than only the aesthetics and architectural elements; instead it also makes sure that the design of a specific structure fits in zoning, building codes, and safety requirements.

On the other hand, construction contract management ensures that the architects are working in the best interest of clients in several capacities while the construction project is going on. RDT Group is your trusted partner for commercial and residential projects. We take pride in serving our esteemed clients throughout Texas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.

Initial Consultation, Pre-Construction Design:

We understand how to meet our clients’ specific requirements by delivering superior products always. Our experienced architects work together with the clients to identify their key requirements for their construction projects. During the designing and planning procedure, we also take in some other important factors to help the clients identify the opportunities to add values to their projects.

It can be one of the most interactive sessions, which come out with some informed decisions for the clients. We help them get through some important factors before they start working on their construction projects.

World-Class Architecture

World-class architecture is attained only with the help of guided process and a client-centric approach. Our experienced professionals working at different levels in the construction work are the real hero who employs their expertise and experiences in a variety of ways to deliver what the client expects for.

We focus on serving the construction needs of the Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, Texas areas. We will stay true to our commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and on-time and within budget delivery, and flexibility to achieve total customer satisfaction.